Much has been said about Miss Billie’s love of art.

Little has been said about Miss Billie’s ability as artist.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting Nancy Bailey, daughter of Miss Billie, at her lovely home in shady Duncanville. My visit lasted two hours. We laughed a lot and cried a little as she recounted many of the antics that made her Mother such a storied figure. I guess it’s been about a month since Billie passed…seems like only yesterday that we would marvel over the work of Monet and traipse along the Seine….

And then Nancy pulled out one of Miss Billie’s first paintings, and I was blown away! Amateurish, perhaps, but ripe with promise and a delight to behold! Where on Earth do people get the talent to pull something like this off?

I am glad to share this with you all today!

Among Miss Billie’s First Works of Art

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