Imagine my surprise when a young man from Sierra Leone, West Africa, contacted me today to see what he could do to forward our mission. When I suggested he sponsor an ArtBook in the local hospital at Lungi, his hometown, he jumped at the chance!

Thomas Sengeh, a student at the University of Sierra Leone pursuing a Bachelor of Art Degree in Mass Communications, has pledged to put a team of people together to endow the hospital. His goal is to find 40 fellow like-minded people to pledge $10 each so that people in Lungi can enjoy many great artworks from American museums!

Local semi-pro football player and fitness trainer Richard Mack has agreed to coach the 24 year old Sierra Leonean in achieving this goal.

Please consider lending your support by joining Thomas’s team! You can send your check to “For Love & Art,” 4848 Lemmon Avenue, Suite 100-623, Dallas, TX 75219, or make a contribution online. Be sure to indicate your gift is to forward The Sierra Leone Project. As ever, all gifts are 100% tax deductible!

Bringing Monet – and the art experience – to West Africa!

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