Dear Volunteers of For Love & Art, Members of the Board, Donors, Advisors and Interested Others,

Recently, For Love & Art has been the subject of major new stories in both the Dallas and Tulsa press.

Dallas Innovates is D Magazine’s online presence. Here is their story about “Courting the Art Experience” in a resource-challenged nursing home in Irving.

Tulsa World is Tulsa’s preeminent paper, this article being on the front page of the Entertainment (Scene) section of today’s Sunday news. This is an extremely prominent position and we are very grateful to Arts Alliance Tulsa. We celebrate our partnership and root for our success. We thank their Board and staff, as well as the good folks at Grace Hospice Foundation, for not only arranging this press, but for all their other efforts to push us into the forefront of public consciousness. We intend that other progressive Art Alliances across the country will follow their lead.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 Tulsa, OK Spring azaleas grounds. Photos by Erik Campos
Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Spring azaleas grounds.
Photos by Erik Campos

Also, For Love & Art narrowly missed being named “Charity of the Year” by noted home healthcare organization Visiting Angels at their national conference in Orlando. Thanks to the efforts of board member Myra Braswell, we acheived that honor in Georgia and scored a $1,000 grant by that generous organization.

We invite you to share our good work with others; we are still looking to train volunteers to court the Art Experience in nursing homes and senior assisted living communities, or assist in other creative and challenging ways. And we invite donors to endow Virtual Museum ArtBooks to communities looking for life-enriching opportunities for those in their care. There is no more beautiful or functional memorial gift on the face of the planet.

Chad Oliverson, Jim Watts, Amy Synar, Abbey Haughey, Myra Braswell, Amanda Allison, National Life Group, Empowerment Society, Integrity Staffing Solutions and so many others are contributing to the growth and development of FL&A in sometimes systematic and sometimes unimaginable ways. All of us kindred spirits share a joint interest in bringing what art provides – mind, body and soul – to people at the grassroots.

Let’s celebrate this gift of Life and love people while we still can!