Celebrating the Art Experience (CAE)

For Love & Art believes that viewing artwork triggers powerful, creative and unique mind/body
experiences for people and that sharing these experiences fulfills the essence of being human as
well as providing benefits related to enhanced quality of life.

We believe that sharing the art experience enriches people’s souls…starting with our own.

The effects of participating in a “Celebrating the Art Experience” presentation are:

1. Physical sensations created by the mind/body connection: goosebumps,
energized or gloomy for example.

2. Thoughts in any form sparked by the image: memories, opinions,
judgments, etc.

3. Emotional states: Sense of beauty, joy, harmony, wonder, affinity/dislike, etc.

Sharing the art experience transforms loneliness and boredom into beauty, joy and
enriched quality of life.

CAE is a virtual tour of a chosen museum. When one looks at a painting, one only sees 20% of what’s
actually there. The other 80% is automatically generated from past experiences.

Conversations triggered by artwork tend to

be about matters in life that are very

important to the participants. Allow them to express freely and follow up appropriately. They will share the gift of their lives with careful listeners.

That’s why each and every experience is valid; it is unique to that person’s experience, and
withstands any comparison. There is no right or wrong experience; it is the sharing of oneself in the process.