Our Impact On Our Communities

Everyone who has been involved with For Love & Art has a story to tell. Here are a few of them! 

Being an Art Angel

I was lucky enough to volunteer with For Love & Art during the pandemic; no easy time for anyone! I had 2- to 3-hour-long presentations almost every day, with up to 50 people who would come to our online virtual museum tours. I’ve made lifelong friends of several of the guests of our get-togethers, and we sometimes even meet in person to go to museums or online to talk about art. All because of the connections made through For Love & Art!

Presently, I volunteer with patients who have dementia and their caregivers. My Mother had early onset dementia, so I feel like FL&A brings such a gift to my life to be able to reach people who, like my mom, need to interact so they don’t feel isolated. The people who get to be part of the FL&A program look at beautiful, moving, evocative art that awakens their minds and enlivens their days. And as a volunteer, I could not be more happy with every hour I give.                                                 


~ Gregory Gunter – Art Angel

Greg Gunter

An Artist

I know from experience the vital importance of the work provided by For Love & Art. Opening up and reawakening the world of art – It’s history, emotions, and meanings – to the often cut-off world of seniors does them such a great service. Volunteering for the organization is both rewarding and much needed. I’ve felt great enjoyment and enrichment in my work with the organization.                                   

  ~ Josh Hickman – Artist 

A Partner

Lynn Brink
Director of Elements
Anthology Senior Living.