For Love & Art’s unique program elevates the quality of life for any and all viewers. Our common goal is to bring great museum art and what art provides – mind, body, and soul – to people with mobility limitations at the grassroots. For centuries, art has been used within a context of education or aesthetic; with For Love & Art, art is used within a context of therapeutic love. Sharing one’s experience while viewing artwork provides a bridge to conversing about matters in life that is very important. Through this process of sharing the Art Experience, fear, loneliness, and boredom transform into Beauty, Joy and Magic of Life that is. .For Love and Art includes Team Leaders, Volunteers, Participating Museums, Endowed Facilities, and Goodwill Supporters of The Touching Our World Foundation’s For Love and Art Project, We are creating a world in which the incapacitated are remembered and acknowledged, honored and loved.For Love & Art believes that viewing artwork unleashes powerful, creative and unique experiences for people and that sharing these experiences elevates the quality of life psychologically, cognitively, spiritually and physically. For Love & Art is privileged to have digital access.William Merritt Chase, Idle Hours, 1894.

The Amon Carter Museum of American Art.

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