To celebrate Art is to celebrate Life!

Virtual Museum ArtBook


For Love & Art is a Dallas nonprofit that brings museum collections and the Art Experience to persons with limited mobility all over the globe. Our commitment is that all people have the opportunity to embrace beauty, joy, and magic of life through the power of art!

In partnership with participating museums, inspiring and uplifting images from prestigious collections are downloaded onto portable digital ArtBooks.

Through individual and group philanthropy, these ArtBooks are then endowed to hospices, hospitals, retirement communities and similar venues.

Volunteers share these vivid works of human genius with recipients, providing a form of Art therapy and brief liberation from worldly sufferings and concerns. Hearts are uplifted and bruised spirits nurtured – and celebration ensues!

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.   -Pablo Picasso

Strikingly attractive and stylish, For Love & Art Virtual Museum ArtBooks contain over 2,000 vivid masterpieces from among the world’s greatest museums. ArtBooks are durable, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to maintain. Each ArtBook is dedicated to a facility of the donor’s choice and is handsomely inscribed with a dedication of the donor’s choosing.

–“In Memory of Mirna B. and Grant J. Arciero”

–”In Honor of Jerry I. Blanchard”

–”Gift of the Glanton Family”

–”Compliments of The Richardson Rotary”

–”In Gratitude of Your Service To Our Country”

Self-funding facilities frequently dedicate their ArtBooks “In Honor of Volunteers.”